Part #915823 (2 3/4")

Part #915824 (3 1/4")

9/16" Plow Bolt $9.50/ea

Part #346907

Allis Plow Shear Bolt $4.00/ea

AGCO discontinued  this part. Limited quanities available.

Allis- Chalmers NOS

SLATS available call for pricing and availability 


PART #324940 AC Factory  $45.00/ea

PART #324940 After Market $35.00/ea

PART #340971 After Market 375 Bottom $35.00/ea

PART #347649 After Market 387 Bottom $35.00/ea

New old stock hubs kits available $75.00        Rebuilt Coulter Hubs Available $35.00/ea

Will rebuild yours for $30.00/ea

Hardware Kits $15.00/set

dave The Plowman

Specializing in Allis-Chalmers Snap Coupler Plows

60, 70, 80 Series Plows & Parts

For Sale


New and Used

For Sale
Plow shins


Dealer Discontinued LandSide

After Market

For Sale
Plow coulters


Landside OE #324508 $55.00/ea

For Sale


New and Used

Call or email

for pricing and quantities


For Sale
Plow Shears


#7 Plow bolts available

Call for pricing


For Sale

Call for Pricing


Landside      OE #333457

Top: After Market                   $30.00/ea

Bottom: Factory Original  

**Made with AR400 wear plate

Landside      OE #338006

Top: After Market                      $35.00/ea

Bottom: Factory Original  

PART # OA 14-4 RS After Market 


PART #344188 AC Factory

PART #344870 AC Factory

PART #573898 AC Factory

PART #341395 AC Factory

PART #347007 AC Factory

PART #AC 16-4 RS After Market

PART #347750 AC Factory

PART #70572183 AC Factory

PART # 71509806 AC Factory

PART #70573307 AC Factory

PART #AC 16-4 387 Bottom After Market

Call for quantities and prices 612-619-4399